FIFA 19 VR : EA Sports to introduce Virtual Reality?

Today we look into Virtual Reality for FIFA 19. Does EA Sports have any plans for VR in their next edition of FIFA soccer simulation?

This year, 2018 could be big for Virtual Reality games especially the development in Argumentative Realty could really take off. There has been speculations in the past about FIFA being development into a Virtual Reality environment but it’s not as simple as it sounds – there are a lot of factors to consider.

FIFA 19 Virtual Reality

Gamers in 2017, enjoyed the virtual reality versions of Skyrim and Gran Turismo Sport and while everyone could not afford to own a PS VR Headset or Oculus Rift, it is expected that the prices of VR gaming consoles are going down this year.

But, is FIFA Virtual Reality really possible? What we mean by VR here is being able to control the ball as a player in a players perspective. We believe it is possible in the future but we do not have current technology to do so. One of the founder of Oculus Rift talks about possibility of FIFA VR.

“We could be sitting in the stands of the stadium, while enjoying the crazy atmosphere of the fans . And the four players could sit next to each other, and be in control of the players on the field. “.

It would be a ” unique and brilliant VR experience “. he adds

There would be a problem of game lag with Virtual Reality version of FIFA 19 since the game runs a lot of variable at a given moment. Therefore, we can only expect the reality of VR after EA comes with a new engine. A real discussion of possibilities of new features in FIFA VR is only possible after the correct technology is out there.

What do you think about the idea of VR FIFA 19? Do you think its possible in near future?

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