Moves that should be in WWE 2K19 [GIF]

Every year WWE 2K die hard fans compile a list of moves that they want to see in the upcoming game and its time for WWE 2k19. We bring you the best and most requested moves for 2k19.

We will send this post along with our 2k19 Wishlist to WWE 2k Dev team every year. There is a chance that they see this so comment with GIF the moves that you want to see in WWE 2k19.

Here’s our list!

Double/Roll-Thru Northern Lights Suplex

Jason Jordan WWE 2k19








Triple/Roll-Thru Belly to Belly Suplex

Chad Gable Belly to Belly WWE 2k19






Double Roll Thru/Pick-Up Attitude Adjustment

John Cena WWE 2k19








Kurt Angle WWE 2k19 MoonsaultWWE 2k19 Moonsaults













Hell’s Gate

Undertaker Hells Gate WWE 2k19








Corner Multiple Repeating Dropkicks

Daniel Bryan 2k19






WWE 2k19 Wishlist


Big Ending

Big E WWE 2k19









Spinebuster WWE 2k19









Superkick w/ Pinning Combo

Superkick Pin WWE 2k19








Apron Suplex

WWE 2k19 Apron Suplex








Running Springboard Handspring Back Elbow

WWE 2k19 Springboard








Top Rope Powerbomb

Top Rope Powerbomb WWE 2k19









GIF compiled by SkullManiac28

Credits to 2k Forum and Tiny Pic

What did we miss? Comment what moves do you want to see in WWE 2k19!

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