NBA 2k19 Release Date, Cover Image, Roster, Features, Wishlist and Trailer

The basketball simulation video game, NBA 2k19 is developed and published by Visual Concepts and 2K Sports. The prior version that is NBA 2k18 was released in September 2017 and been available on eighteen different platforms. The upcoming installment, NBA 2k19 is expected to be the most advanced franchise of the 2K games. Check out the entire article to know about the NBA 2k19 release date, pre –orders, features, available consoles and much more.

NBA 2k19 Release Date and Pre – Order

Since quite long, NBA 2k has been launching the game with a year interval. Thus, it is anticipated that the NBA 2k19 will release in mid – September 2018.

NBA 2k19 Carmelo Anthony
NBA2k19 Release Date – Credit : Designer

Likewise, as per the pre – order, the NBA 2k fans will be able to pre – order in Q2 2018. If you are the ones to pre – order than you would get to play the game 4 days earlier than the launch date.

NBA 2k19 Trailer

As of now, there hasn’t been any announcement in terms of NBA 2k19 trailer release.

There’s a fake NBA 2K19 video out there. Take a look:

Based on the assumption, the trailer should be out some months before its expected release date that is September 2018.

NBA 2k19 Available Consoles

While its predecessor NBA 2k18 was available on consoles like Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

NBA 2k19 Russell Westbrook
NBA-2K19 PS4 and Xbox – Credit – Designer

It is pretty identical with the NBA 2k19 as well. While the available consoles of NBA 2K19 haven’t been unveiled, the gamers can expect NBA 2K19 to be available in consoles those were launched on NBA 2k18. Likewise, availability on the iPhone and the Android operating system will be known following the release date of the game.

NBA 2k19 Cover Athletes

NBA 2k18 features Shaquille O’Neal in the cover star for the Legend Edition and the Legend Edition Gold Versions of the game. However, the cover star for the 2k19 is still uncertain as numerous players seem viable. Some of the expected are LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Paul George and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

NBA 2k19 Paul NBA 2k19 Markelle Fultz NBA 2k19 Lonzo Ball NBA 2k19 Lonzo Ball 2 NBA 2k19 Kevin Durant NBA 2k19 Jimmy Butler NBA 2k19 Dwyane Wade NBA 2k19 Derrick Rose NBA 2k19 Damian Lillard

NBA 2k19 Wishlist

Not much about the upcoming NBA2k19 has been released, yet we believe the installment will bring some changes in features.

NBA 2k19 Features
NBA-2k19 Features

Below are some of the desired NBA2k19 features:

Voice Customization

If you’ve been playing NBA 2k for years, then you might already know there isn’t any difference in the voice among the players. Despite the race, age, and destination all the players possess the same voice. It is thus desired that the new installment will feature the distinct or customizable voice of individual players. These include customization in voice on the court talk, press conferences, and pitch tone and accent.

Enhance Sharing and Customization Options

It is yet limited for the gamers to customize player’s facial structure and features. The NBA 2k19 should enable gamers to customize a variety of styles and suits of players such as a jacket, casual wear or sporting wear. Customization of hairstyle, dress up and also the shoes could be modified. Eventually, the game should add a sharing option feature allowing gamers to share with the social community.

Personality Trait

Identical to the vocal, NBA2k19 should consider distinguishing the personality trait of the players. It is palpable, the players have similar personalities. The game should vary the player’s temperament and further should enable gamers to create the kind of player they want.

Press Conferences

In fact, the press conferences in the NBA 2k is tedious, therefore, it is desired the NBA 2k19 will feature more and interesting questions and enhance the execution of press conferences. It can be more than the post-game such as the press conference of pre – game, playoff press conferences, on – court halftime interviews and much more.

Highlight show

The game can drastically make improvements in the case of a highlight show. Like in other games, NBA 2k19 can include recaps, NBA actions and more. These include highlights on game recaps and box scores. The highlight can also be in the form of top 10 lists for best dunks, assists of the night, plays etc. The highlights of player/coach milestones, winning streaks, broken records, new signings of the player, GM, coaches, and staffs.

NBA 2k19 MVP

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