NFL 19 Release Date, Trailer, Cover and Wishlist

Originally known as John Madden Football, Madden NFL 19  is an American football video game series. The game is named after Pro Football Hall of Famer John Madden. The game series is currently developed by EA Tiburon for EA Sports. The game is primarily known for its realistic features such as its sophisticated playbooks, player statistics, voice commentary and much more. While Madden NFL 18 released on August 25, 2017, received excellent reviews, in this article, we will share you about Madden 19. Madden 19 the latest installment in the video game series.

NFL 19

Let’s go through the article to know about the NFL 19 release date, trailer, cover athlete, pre-order, available consoles, wishlist and so on.

NFL 19 Release Date

EA Sports till date hasn’t mentioned anything about the Madden 19 launch date. But, it is speculated that the NFL 19 will be launched in August 2018. The speculation is made based on NFL previous installments release. NFL 17 and NFL 18 went global in August 2016 and 2017 respectively. So, looking at the previous launches, it is certain that EA Sports will launch the new installment somewhere on the same month in 2018.

NFL 19 Trailer

Identical to the release date, the trailer for the game is awaited. There is any hit about the Madden19 trailer development. So, for enthused fans of NFL 19, it is heartily requested to wait till the trailer is thrown on the internet. Likewise, we are certain the trailer can be viewed by May 2018.

NFL 19 Cover Athlete

NFL 19 Cover

Madden 18 cover was graced by the Tom Brady.  The new game is believed to have few nominees who could occupy the Madden 19 cover athlete. Von Miller – the 5th Pro Bowl selection, Julio Jones – 4th Pro Bowl selection, Antonio Brown – 1st – Team AP All-Pro and Khalil Mack 2nd Pro Bowl selection is the contenders vying for the MaddenNFL 19 cover athlete.

NFL 19 available consoles

Like its predecessor, NFL 19 is thus expected to be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since NFL 18 the developer has jumped across to the Frostbite Engine adding player models to animations a much-needed impact. Moreover, we hope NFL 19 would come to other consoles which are currently being developed by Microsoft and Nintendo.

NFL 19 Pre – Order

The NFL 19 pre-orders will give its customers and EA Access customers to play the game early. Like the previous installment, the coming installment will have a collector’s version coined The G.O.A.T Edition. Moreover, the customer’s pre-ordering the game will have access to the game 2 -3 days prior the official launch date. EA customers get an earlier preview of the game and also get a 10% discount on the purchase of the game’s digital version.

NFL 19 Wishlist

  • In Madden 19 game, coaches have pretty much nothing to do which is frustrating. Moreover, coaches have more distinct roles to do than just scouting or earning extra points in training. When Los Angeles Rams hired Sean McVay as the youngest head coach, they hired defensive coordinator Wade Philips to guide that side of the ball. Such co-ordination greatly help in the game.


  • The franchise mode menus are cluttered and knowing about what’s happening in both the league and the draft is a daunting task in the game. A league hub could give access to the game’s latest news, awards, scores, and storylines around the league. This gives easy access to understanding the franchise mode and running a team simultaneously in the game.


  • If you have noticed, then you might already know that when players enter the league or begin the franchise mode, the players will never truly see their ratings increase. Moreover, it is fair to state that the Madden’s development system is terrible. Thus, it is expected that as the player sees an increment in the real game, the NFL should also balance along the real game.




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