PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are more similar than you think

An analyst team from IDC claims that Sony’s new PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are very much alike.

PS4 Pro is similar to Xbox One X

There is a great rivalry between Sony and Microsoft over PlayStation and Xbox systems. Since the mid-2000s, PS and Xbox have been dominating the gaming consoles industry. There has been ups and downs for both the major players but at the current time there seems to be more PlayStation players than Xbox.

PlayStation and Xbox Comparision
PlayStation and Xbox Comparison

Microsoft had one of their biggest sale event at Black Friday going until New Years. They gave competitive edge to PlayStation but like every year Sony won the battle. Microsoft did a pretty good job differentiating the new Xbox One X from the Pro in the minds of prospective buyers but it seems that the PS4 Pro sells itself and cost might have been a factor.

Ps4 Pro and Xbox One X Specs
PS4 Pro and Xbox One X Specs

In a recent interview, IDC analyst Lewis Ward claimed that there are more similarities between Pro and X. Microsoft did some hardware upgrade and Ward believes that it’s a 40% upgrade where as PS4 Pro is a 10% hardware upgrade. The SKU used by both PS4 and Xbox are almost the same with a 80% match in the build up. The hardware difference can be justified since Sony wants to release PlayStation 5 where as Microsoft might stick with the One X for a long time.

Microsoft is looking into 2018 to increase their involvement in game development rather than console redesign and production. Sony is rapidly working towards their end of the year goal of developing the new PS5. Who do you think is going to win this never ending race between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X ?

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